Centers and Landscapes

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Centers and Landscapes [coming soon]

In addition to the panels presenting individual ancestors, we also feature several cultural “centers” or “landscapes” as examples of formal organizations, institutions, or regional networks that have been generative sites for folklore scholarship and documentation within BIPOC communities. Organized geographically or inspired by specific initiatives in time, these “centers” or “landscapes” facilitated the synergies of ancestor scholars and culture workers, providing them space and opportunities to interactively think about and study cultural traditions of importance to their own communities.

Included in the Centers are: 

  • Hampton Folklore Society (1893-1900)
  • Program in Black American Culture, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution  (1972-2003)                              
  • Center for Black Music Research (1980-2019)
  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities 
  • African and African American Folklorists Association
  • The Federal Writers’ Project & Writers of Color (1935-1943) (Tentative title)

Included in the Landscapes are: 

  • Greater Nuevo México [over several generations]
  • Home Grown: Asian American Community Institutions (tentative title)