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Dawn Mabalon

Photo from Little Manila Rising, Filipina American, History, Historic Preservation, Activism, Education Dawn Mabalon (1972-2018) Dr. Dawn Mabalon was born in 1972 in Stockton, California, the daughter and granddaughter of Filipino American farmworkers. A passionate scholar who cared deeply about Filipino American history, Dawn Mabalon’s background and love for her roots shaped both her …

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Linda Mabalot

Photo from Filipina American, Film, Activism Linda Mabalot (1953-2003) Linda Mabalot was a community documentarian and activist committed to ensuring that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) control how they and their communities’ diverse stories are represented in visual media. A filmmaker herself, she supported the training, programming, and production of AAPI filmmakers while …

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Doreen Gamboa Fernandez

©️2002 Stella Kalaw Filipina American, Foodways, Theater, Literature Doreen Gamboa Fernandez (1934-2002) Dr. Doreen Gamboa Fernandez was a prolific scholar who wrote extensively on food, culture, literature, education, theater, and performance. She is best known for writing on the Philippines’ foodways, from the dizzying array of street foods to distinctive regional specialties, and about the …

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