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Dorothy Sara Lee

Photo by Carl Fleischhauer. Dorothy Sara Lee Speaks During Presentation of Wax Cylinder Recordings. United States Nebraska Macy, 1983. Photograph. African American, Archives, Folklore, Ethnomusicology Dorothy Sara Lee (1951-2005) Dorothy Sara Lee was an African American folklorist, ethnomusicologist, archivist, and consummate scholar and ethnographer of Native American and Fijian musics and cultures. Born in …

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Manuel Heriberto Peña

Photo courtesy of Tejano, Folklore, Ethnomusicology Manuel Heriberto Peña (1942-2019) Dr. Manuel Peña contributed significantly to Greater Mexican ethnomusicology, folklore and cultural studies. Using historical, folkloristic, and ethnographic data, he provided a rigorous Marxist analysis of socioeconomic class formation and its implication for Texas-Mexican musical styles and working- and middle-class aesthetics.  Manuel Peña was born …

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Lee-hsia Hsu Ting and Nai-tung Ting

Images from The University of Texas at Austin Development Office, Dr. Lee-hsia Hsu Ting Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Information Studies Chinese American, Folklore, Narrative, Library Science Nai-tung Ting (1915-1989) Lee-hsia Hsu Ting (1923-2005) Dr. Nai-tung Ting and Dr. Lee-hsia Hsu Ting, were born and raised in China and their professional careers were based in the …

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Rubén Cobos

Image from The University of New Mexico Newsroom Mexican American, Folklore, Music, Lexicography Rubén Cobos (1911-2010) At age 16, Rubén Cobos and his penniless family arrived in Albuquerque from San Antonio, to say goodbye to his older sister Consuelo, a Presbyterian teacher who died from TB in a sanatorium a month later. Having escaped Piedras …

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Arthur L. Campa, Sr.

Professor Arthur L. Campa, Sr. sits at his desk in his office in the Spanish Department at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico [1935?]. Image from Auraria Library via Denver Public Library Digital Collections. Mexican American, Folklore, Federal Writers’ Project,Cultural History Arthur L. Campa, Sr. (1905-1978) With the 1914 death of his …

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Willis Laurence James

Photo from The Peachite Vol. II, No. 2, Folk Festival Number, March 1944. Courtesy of the Library of Congress. African American, Music, Folklore, Education Willis Laurence James (1900-1966) Willis Laurence James was a musician, composer and music director, educator, concert violinist, lecturer, folklorist, and ethnomusicologist of African American religious and secular music traditions of the …

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Arthur Huff Fauset

Image from Temple University, Urban Archives, Philadelphia, Pa. African American, Folklore, Literature Arthur Huff Fauset (1899-1983) Arthur Huff Fauset was born in New Jersey in 1899. His father, Redmon Fauset, was an African American minister. His mother, Bella Huff, was Jewish. Fauset grew up in Philadelphia and earned his AB (1921), an MA (1923) and …

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Mary Abigail Kawena‘ulaokalaniaHi‘iakaikapolioPelekawahine
‘aihonua Wiggin Pūku‘i

Photo of Mary Kawena Pukui taken when she worked at the Bishop Museum. She is working on the Hawaiian-language newspaper titled “Ka Na’i Aupuni.” Courtesy of Nanea Armstrong-Wassel and Kawena Pukui’s daughter, Patience Namaka Bacon. Native Hawaiian, Folklore, Narrative, Linguistics, Dance, Music Mary Abigail Kawena‘ulaokalaniaHi‘iakaikapolioPelekawahine ‘aihonua Wiggin Pūku‘i (1895-1986) Mary Abigail Kawenaʻulaokalaniohiʻiakaikapoliopelekawahineʻaihonua Wiggin was born …

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‘aihonua Wiggin Pūku‘i
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Fabiola Cabeza de Baca Gilbert

American Association of University Women-New Mexico. “Fabiola Cabeza de Baca Gilbert.” (1976). Nuevo Mexicana, Folklore, Foodways, Federal Writers’ Project Fabiola Cabeza de Baca Gilbert (1894-1991) Fabiola Cabeza de Baca Gilbert’s pioneering work on folk foodways, folklore research, and cultural activism has served as an intellectual foundation for the study of Hispanic folklore in the Southwest. …

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María Adelina Isabel Emilia (Nina) Otero-Warren

Photographer unknown; public domain image Nuevo Mexicana, Folklore, Federal Writers’ Project, Activism, Education María Adelina Isabel Emilia (Nina) Otero-Warren (1881-1965) A woman of many talents and interests, Adelina “Nina” Otero Warren was a politician and advocate who advanced issues relevant to the early 20th-century nuevomexicano community. Otero Warren is best known outside of New Mexico …

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