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Liyna Anwar

Photo credit Team Linya South Asian American, Journalism, Radio Liyna Anwar (1989-2020) Liyna Anwar’s short life was filled with illuminating the lives of ordinary people through storytelling. Born in Mission Viejo, California in 1989, Anwar was the child of Siddique and Sajida (Ikramuddin) Anwar, immigrant parents from India. Her experiences as a second-generation Indian Muslim …

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Mellie Leandicho Lopez

book cover Filipina American, Folklore, Journalism Mellie Leandicho Lopez (ca 1928-2017) Dr. Mellie Leandicho Lopez was a pioneer Filipina American folklorist whose influence extended beyond the academic world to the arts, journalism, and museum spheres. She was the first Asian to be enrolled in the interdisciplinary folklore program in the anthropology department of the University …

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Zanea Panea (Z.P.) Kalokuokamaile

Photo from the Kanaeokana Facebook page Native Hawaiian, Language, Cultural Activism, Journalism Zanea Panea (Z.P.) Kalokuokamaile (1849-1942) Z. P. Kalokuokamaile was the writer of perhaps the greatest longevity in the Hawaiian-language newspapers (nūpepa ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi). He was born in 1850 in Nāpoʻopoʻo, Kona Hema, Hawaiʻi, where he lived most of his long life. His first …

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